Vet Clinic

Let us bring your
Vet clinic into the future

All the benefits for having your Vet clinic partner with Vets Plus More…
• Turns your clinic into a 24 hour practice without the overhead
• Generates a new stream of revenue
• Reach your client by sending instant notifications, reminders and alerts
• Let us answer the simple questions and concerns, freeing up your time to help more patients
• We can drive business back to your clinic
• Added value to your clients for round the clock care
• Embracing the newest technology, reaching the younger generation of pet parents
• Free lost and found portal for pet parents to report lost or found pets
• Alternative option: lease our technology and utilize your own Vet staff for 24 hour service
• Offer Emergency Vet Protect Club memberships to clients and generate additional revenue

Copyright @2020. All rights reserved.

Copyright@2020. All rights reserved.