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We have a wide range of packages to choose from. Our experienced Vets are available 24 hours a day to help you with your pets. Joining the Emergency Vet Protect Club is our most popular and value-added package at the most reasonable monthly cost.
Vet tele-health triage services
  • Unlimited 24/7 vet triage support. Our experienced vets are available to do proper assessments, answer general questions and concerns, offer second opinions and triage pets until they can see a regular vet. Pet parents can contact us by video calling, texting with images and videos or audio texting. We offer our text services in 103 different languages.
Emergency Vet Protect Club Memberships
  • Our club memberships include our 24/7 unlimited vet access and up to $3,000 towards a one-time, life-threatening emergency vet bill. We pay the vet clinic directly at the time that the pet is discharged. Our club memberships are available for all pets regardless of age, breed or pre-existing health conditions. Club members can apply their 1 membership to any 6 pets in the household.
Rainbow Bridge – end of life support for senior pets

Rainbow Bridge – end of life support for senior pets

Our rainbow bridge option is geared to senior pets that are nearing the end of life stage. Our compassionate vets will assess the pet and give pet owners quality of life options. When it’s time to schedule a good-bye we offer an automatic schedule option and we will pay the euthanasia and vet visit directly to the vet clinic to make it as easy a possible for the pet and their owner.
The Puppy Club – A must have for new pet parents

The Puppy Club – A must have for new pet parents

We offer live classroom instructions for new pet parents to learn positive reinforcement and preventative behavior strategies while they watch their furry family member grow up into a well trained adult. Along with the live classroom sessions, pet parents will benefit from our vet triage service. They will have unlimited 24/7 access to speak with one of our experience, qualified Veterinarians. Our extensive library of health and wellness will be available and they can review any of our live training demos at anytime.


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