Pet insurance
Advantages of becoming a strategic partner with Vets Plus More…

For pet insurance

• We will custom brand an app for your company on the app store and the play store that will be available to your clientele on their smartphones.

•Your custom app will allow your clients unlimited access to our registered Vets by video calling or texting 24 hours a day. Our Vets are trained on triaging pets, offering home based solutions, and assessing pets for emergencies.

• Give your clients a paperless, seamless claims experience. This can be done through the app with instant payment capabilities.

• Our Pet services section gives an added value to all pet owners to find any pet related service anywhere in the world.
• Send out any pertinent information to your clients automatically, thus saving time and money on administrative costs with instant push notification.

• Unique lost and found portal using cutting edge facial recognition technology reuniting lost pets with owners quickly and easily.

• Our App allows you to stay connected to your clients in an evolving technical world.

• Instant quotes can be done through the app.

Our goals

• Reduce claims

• Save on administrative costs

• Provide on-going, innovative technology that is simple and convenient.

• Provide peace of mind to all pet parents for the health and well being of their furry family members

• To provide a unique marketing tool for pet insurance companies to increase market share and gain industry leadership

• To provide a technical portal for pet owners to access all that they need for their animals just by touching their smartphones.

Copyright @2020. All rights reserved.

Copyright@2020. All rights reserved.