offers the most advanced vet tele-health triage service and technology to all businesses, vet clinics & non-profit organizations in the pet industry.


Increase revenue for your organization, clinic or business by providing an essential service to gain new clientele and to retain and reward your loyal customers. Partner with the industry leader to provide pet parents peace of mind 24/7


Our qualified & experienced Veterinarians are available 24/7 to assist pets and their owners through our video-call or text-chat platform.
What we provide


Our experienced, qualified veterinarians provide exemplary care to pet parents and their furry loved ones. Our telehealth services and unique club packages can be white labeled and resold within the pet industry. Our vets can be reached by text-chat, video calling or audio to text. Our text-chat can be translated in 103 different languages giving us a global presence. Our team will give comprehensive pet assessments after each consult. They can offer triage support, give second opinions or recommend non urgent treatment that can be done at home. When needed, our vets will recommend hands on evaluations from their local vet.
Text a Vet

Text a Vet

Our chat section is available for pet parents 24/7. They will have the ability to text their questions and concerns, upload pictures or videos of their pet so that our vets can do a live assessment and send their considerations and resources for our vast library.

Call  a Vet

Call a Vet

Pet parents can video call our triage team at anytime. This option is helpful during emergencies when our Vet team can interact directly with the pet and the owner.


Our bolt on platform enables your business or organization to easily increase customer lifetime value & generate revenue

Text / Video Call A Vet

• white label options - maintain brand awareness
• choose your own colours, custom logo's & pricing
• can be added instantly to your website as a banner or button
• can use your front end and tie into our chat and video access

About You

• 24/7 vet triage support for customers peace of mind
• generate a new revenue or value added
• retain loyal customers
• package upgrade options (emergency protect plans, puppy club & senior club packages)
• customize your own packages and pricing

Pet Info

• payment can be integrated into your system
• multiple integration options
• generate instant client reports from your own back admin office


• multiple implementation options
• retain customer loyalty
• a new way to acquire new clientelle
• offer new and innovative programs to your customers
• increase your daily revenue
• added value to pet owners and their beloved pets

Our Packages

Vet triage services Emergency Vet

Vet triage services Emergency Vet

Emergency Vet Protect Club

Emergency Vet Protect Club

Rainbow Bridge

Rainbow Bridge

The Puppy Club

The Puppy Club

Wellness Program

Wellness Program

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    Great reviews by our clients

    What pet parents have to say...

    Our clients have always trusted our expertise and advice. Here is what they have to say about us.

    Carolyn Glover

    “Vets Plus More helped me with my dog who was attacked by another dog and needed help right away. I quickly video-called and Dr. Alex was able to help me stop the bleeding until I could get to the Vet clinic for stitches.” Dr. Alex also sent over some instructions for after care. The compassion of the Vets on this service is incredible.”

    Dylan Cullen

    “i just want to thank you for your amazing service, Dr. Paulina held my hand while my cat was sick and helped me to make her comfortable and gave me some alternatives that allowed me to help her at home. I’m so grateful to have a service like this as my cat is terrified of going to the Vet”

    Lettie Hubbard

    “I recently adopted a puppy and needed advice on proper diet, appropriate chew toys and some tricks on how to housetrain my little Sasha. The information was so valuable. I have never owned a dog before and I was nervous. I will definitely be using this service again when I have questions or concerns. I highly recommend this to everyone, especially new pet parents!”