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Mobile Vet Anytime Anywhere

Our app connects you to one of our online Vets via video or text with pictures, to pet owners around the world. Our Vets can do a preliminary diagnosis of your pet’s health issues

  • directing you to visit an emergency pet clinic immediately

  • or if the issue is not severe, wait until your personal vet is available

  • or to answer general, non-emergency questions or concerns about your pet

We’re Here When Your Vet Can’t Be.

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“i can’t thankyou enough vetsplusmore for your help today with my lovely dog, he was attacked by another dog at the god park, i heared about your app on facebook and i download the app at the spot, i video chated with doctor, i am so great full to you.”

Lettie Hubbard

“i just want to thank you for your amazing service, last night when i have a problem with my seven year old cat, you really helped me and i will definately be using in future.”

Lettie Hubbard


Here are the answers to your frequently asked questions, if there is something missing, you can simply contact us here.

With your app downloaded on your smartphone just click on a payment option and once completed you will have access to a certified vet from anywhere in the world.
We have several payment models
$.99 for text and pics for unlimited access for 1 day
$3.99 for Video or text unlimited access for 1 day
$12.99 for Video and text for unlimited access for 1 month
$32.85 for Video and Text for unlimited access for 3 months
$60.00 for Video and Text for unlimited access for 6 months
$107.40 for Video and Text for unlimited access for 1 year ($8.95 per Month )
All our Vets are 100% certified for a least 5 years
The App works on both platforms
Coming soon.  Check back for more details at a later date.
Yes ,please check our website for more info on Advertising
Yes our app is accessible worldwide as long as you have Cell or WiFi access with a minimum bandwidth speed of 1.25mb up and down
Our trainers are positive based trainers with years of expertise and trained to help owners overcome difficult unwanted behaviours.