Frequently asked

How does the app work?
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With your app downloaded on your smartphone just click on a payment option and once completed you will have access to a certified Vet from anywhere in the world.  You can download the app from google play or the app store.
I have several pets, does it cost the same for multiple pets ?

You can register up to 6 furry family members to use the service

Can I cancel the service ?

You can cancel at any time

I’m having trouble connecting to a Vet What can I do?

Connecting will take anywhere from 30 secs up to 1 minute. Please be patient and don’t hang up. If one of our Vets are helping someone else, there will be a message stating the Vet is unavailable. Then you can text or call back in a minute. This is rare but it might happen on the odd occasion.

The video is blurry, how do I get a clearer image?

Video chatting requires a faster phone processor and good WiFi or Cell Data connection. Iphone 4 or greater or Samsung 4 or greater work well with Face time. Some older models just don’t have the processor speed to make it work correctly. If you are experiencing difficulty it is most likely your connection. We encourage you to ensure you have adequate connection and an updated phone for best results when using Vets Plus More.

Are there any extra cost if i use the app outside of the initial fee?
No, once you have selected your payment option there are no additional fees
Am I going to be connected to a real Vet or just a bot?

All our Vets are real and have 5+ years of clinical, emergency and shelter experience.  You and your pet will be in good hands.

How does the Emergency Vet Protect Club membership work?

Please visit our Emergency Vet Protect Club link at the top of the home screen. This will take you to our information page about how to become a member and what the benefits are.

Watch our video on how easy it is to use the
Vets Plus More app for all your pets needs