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Single Practice Application

Advantages of using our Vets Plus More After Hours services for your clinic.

  • Your clinic can generate a substantial revenue stream

  • You can Provide your clients with 24 hour veterinary advice.

  • No overhead or additional costs
  • Let us send business back to you

  • We can send out your reminders, alerts or coupons

  • Save money and time on mail outs

  • List your clinic on the App to gain clientele
  • Let our Vets answer calls so you can help more patients in your Clinic
  • We will provide you a copy of communication with all your clients so you can follow up
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Multiple Vet Clinic Application

Advantages of using our Technology to support and enhance your multiple Vet Clinic practice

  • We will provide a custom App with all your branding and logos to provide your clientele.
  • Generate a substantial revenue stream for your clinics.
  • Added value to all your clients
  • Saved video communication available for review after a call is completed
  • List all your clinics and emergency centres on the app driving business back to yourself.

  • No overhead or additional costs.
  • By utilizing your own Staffed Veterinarians, the app will allow you to provide all your clients 24 hour access to Medical advice for their animals 24 hours a day.
  • Increase Doctor/Patient interaction with clients whose animals are too stressed or sick to travel to the clinic regularly.
  • Provide clients with cutting edge technology to help their animals at their convenience.
  • Alternative Vet care for lower income patients.